Eco Bike charging station

Par MAGALI BUISSON, publié le mercredi 2 septembre 2020 19:49 - Mis à jour le jeudi 10 juin 2021 11:00
Problematic : How to make a charging station for your smartphone, which is powered only by our muscles ? Challenges : To create a homemade electrical system of bicycle smartphone charging station. Try to make understand to others how it works.

Step 1 : Identification of the needed components for the correct functioning of the charging station.

Step 2: Buying an old bycicle and cleaning it.

Step 3: Electrical system configuration and tests about components.

Due to the Covid sanitary crisis we were not able to go further.

Step 4 : Conception of an efficient electric cicuit and Conception of a bike support.

Step 5 : Final assembly of the bike station.

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